Why Omnichannel Marketing is the future of Retail?

Why Omnichannel Marketing is the future of Retail

The rush towards moving to digital is at all time high now. The Covid-19 pandemic have forced both people and businesses to change they way they were operating. With the lockdowns imposed, people were forced to buy products online and hence being online has become a crucial way for businesses to sell their products.

However, with the lockdowns getting eased, people are coming out in large numbers and happily shopping. This showed that being online isn’t the only way to sell products.

A lot of business owners already understood that being active in one channel won’t help their business gain customers and profit and they have to tap their customers wherever they are. That’s where Omnichannel marketing comes in.

There is a big difference between Omnichannel marketing and making your business available Omnichannel.

What does “Omnichannel” mean?

As we are all aware, the surge of online shopping is higher than ever, 40% of orders for brick and mortar shops (a physical shop) have been taken online

But, the rest of the 60% of orders got to be sold through the physical store,right? which means that people still like to go shopping.

This demands a brand’s presence in both physical and digital mediums for the customers to purchase and this state of being there for customers to purchase in more than one channel is Omnichannel.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

What is Omnichannel Marketing 1 1

Omnichannel Marketing is the coordination of various marketing channels functioning in an integrated manner presenting your brand to all of your customers (online and offline).

In Omnichannel Marketing, people who have interacted with your brand through any channel will be taken into consideration for marketing with the right message in accordance to their position in your marketing funnel.

What makes it even more interesting is, we can communicate to the right people in the right channel with the right context based on their need at that moment instead of just vaguely flashing them when we offer.

This creates a hyper-personalized marketing experience for your customers and makes their marketing journey seamless, and efficient.

Why is Omnichannel Marketing the future?

As people tend to move forward with technology in their daily tasks, they happen to be everywhere and as a business owner, your business too should be, for increasing the possibility of attracting more customers.

Acquire customers in every possible way

Acquire customers in every possible way

Being available where your customers are, would make it easy for them to reach out to your brand. Also being there wherever your customers go, will have a positive impact of your brand in their mind.

Talk your customers’ language

Talk your customers language

Communicate with your customer in the right channels, and make them clearly understand your brand and the services you’re offering in a way in which they’d love to know.

Retain up to 100% of your customers

Retain up to 100 of your customers

One of the major features that makes omnichannel marketing stand out is customer retention. You can even reach out to your passive customers and convert them into your one of the active ones.

82% of companies agree that customer retention is cheaper than gaining a new customer base, and they are not lying. If we carefully calculate the money a business owner spends to acquire a single customer, it will clearly explain the same.So, there’s no reason to say “No” to omnichannel marketing except if you can’t afford to accommodate the inflow of customers.

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