How WhatsApp marketing Strategy makes a perfect pre-purchase flow ?

WhatsApp marketing Strategy

With 1 billion daily users, WhatsApp is an attractive platform for eCommerce businesses. The interactive platform puts businesses in direct contact with potential buyers, enhancing marketing efficiency.

The simple, user-friendly, and familiar interface organizes marketing funnels and purchase flows. With far-reaching benefits, it promotes live 1:1 conversations, fosters stronger relationships, and pulls up conversion rates.

With a higher open rate, WhatsApp increases the probability of sales. Additionally, this interactive platform holds highly customizable chatbots that come in handy for persuasive sales interactions. From welcome messages to post-purchase outreach, a winning WhatsApp marketing strategy includes them all.  

The 5-Step WhatsApp Pre-Purchase funnel proves to be highly effective:

1. Broadcast

Blog Prepurchase Broadcast

The top-of-the-funnel WhatsApp marketing strategy targets a wide range of audiences, striking a conversation with prospects. Broadcasting gives eCommerce business a step into the consumer’s mind.

Used for promotional messages, informative newsletters, or sales marketing, broadcasting creates a firmer pipeline of interested buyers. Replies from prospects bring them directly into a 1:1 purchase funnel, heightening the purchase probability.

Including chatbots and attractive promotional infographics, the process organizes complex marketing procedures and boosts efficiency rates. The simpler, unified interface eases funnel management and extends promotional capabilities.

2. Product Abandonment Nudge

Blog Prepurchase Product Abandonment Nudge

Following the top-of-the-funnel broadcasting, the funnel narrows down to a stronger, smaller group of prospects. Occasional informational messages, product insights, and sales messages keep the new funnel in touch with the brand.

In the 2nd stage, eCommerce brands interact with consumers in broadcasting and 1:1 chatbot conversations to advance toward the purchase. WhatsApp allows sending reminders and nudges to inactive and low-response clients, reigniting the purchase demand.

Delivering customer-friendly, personalized content is key to managing prospects at this stage. It’s vital to set up consistent outreaches, reminding consumers of their favorite products. Segmenting your database as per consumer categories empowers personalized messaging funnels and promotional messages.

With enticing messages and personalized nudges, the goal is to induce and maintain demand, until the product ends up in their cart.

3. Cart Abandonment Nudge

Blog Prepurchase Cart Abandonment Nudge

The prospect often forgets about their cart after adding products to it. Leveraging the contact information, eCommerce businesses nudge the prospects in question, reminding them of the abandoned cart.

The lower funnel WhatsApp marketing strategy targets warmer prospects, thus showcasing a higher conversion rate. The stage includes 1:1 conversations with buyers, actively solving their doubts, and responding to inquiries. Instant, back-to-back messages reel in prospects, reinforcing the product demand.

At this stage, the consumer requires personalized messages, reminding their cart.  Product-benefits texts, highlighting the benefits and uses of the item, and reminding the brand’s USPs boost conversion rates.

4. Automated Customer Support

Blog Prepurchase Automated Customer Support

As a highly functional platform, WhatsApp offers functional features. One such feature is automated customer support. With automated live chatbots and programmable replies, WhatsApp automated the customer service workflow.

The interactive AI chatbots heighten efficiency, offering active customer assistance 24/7. The automation extends before and after delivery, reducing operational costs on customer support and enhancing it.  It assists with instant, proactive responses and identification of issues.

5. Design Complete Flow

Blog Prepurchase Design Complete Flow

WhatsApp lets your brand offer end-to-end assistance to customers, and WhatsApp allows the creation of custom flows from broadcasts to welcome messages to transactional follow-ups. With built-in chatbots and an intuitive interface, the platform offers strong automation for the entire purchase funnel.

It organizes the procedure for eCommerce brands. The comprehensive flow design builds a smooth purchase experience ensuring in establishing a strong bong with the customers.


WhatsApp holds tremendous scaling opportunities for eCommerce brands. 80% of Indian SMBs say WhatsApp helps grow their business. As the online world expands exponentially, experts predict WhatsApp to become a stronger marketing platform.

The intuitive live chatbots and user-friendly interface make WhatsApp pre-purchase funnels highly impactful in closing sales. Users in the platform are more likely to make purchases, owed to the trusted interface and personalized marketing outreaches that make brands to earn their trust.

Curious to set up a personalized pre-purchase flow exclusively for your business? We’re just a click away. Let’s connect! 

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