How we spiked Average Order Value by 11% in just 1 month for a new brand- Nutrabites 

Average Order Value

Nutrabites is a very young D2C brand that sells natural coconut sugar that targets kids as coconut sugar promotes the intake of micro-nutrients.

When we came into the picture, they were still in the developing stage, where they had just finished developing their website. Basically, the website needed severe CRO to be done initially and then finding and promoting their product to their potential customers.

Yes. We also do CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization) for websites as it ultimately contributes to the sales and eventually ROAS.

Initially, it was a bit challenging for us since there wasn’t much awareness of the product – coconut sugar, and since they particularly target kids, it was a little more tricky to handle until we got the pulse of the demography.

Value Proposition

While their competitors were targeting old age and diabetic people, Nutrabites’ value proportion was different from those of their competitors. They targeted kids.


  1. To reduce COD (Cash On Delivery) orders and improve prepaid orders
  2. To reduce Cart Abandonment
  3. To increase ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)


  • Ad expense
  • Engagement Rate
  • Traffic session
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue
  • AOV(Average Order Value)
  • ROAS

Actions Taken

1. Reduce COD orders

As soon as Nutrabites launched their Ecommerce website, there were many spam orders. Hence there was a big number of orders that returned without delivering to the customers.

To eliminate this situation, we needed to increase the number of prepaid orders and suppress COD orders count. In order to achieve that, we have made a simple yet effective tweak.

We switched the website’s default payment from COD to a prepaid order. On top of that, when a user changed from prepaid to COD, an additional convenience fee was displayed. This increased the number of prepaid orders by 5x and also increased the conversion rate from 0.5% to 2%.

Online orders

2. Reduce Cart Abandonment

Given that Nutrabites is a new brand, just like any other Ecommerce, cart abandonment surged like usual, and it needs time for people to trust and there are other reasons for cart abandonment as well.

However, we discovered that users who abandoned their cart came through Google Search Ads, and 70% of them engaged well. Hence, they were qualified traffic. So, only the checkout process needs optimization.

To make the checkout experience better, we implemented a checkout platform named Xpresslane. It provides a feature that most CMSs(Content Management Systems) don’t. This plugin saves users’ payment details and makes the shopping process easier and quicker. This cuts down the checkout process to just 3 steps or only 11 seconds to be precise. Only by implementing Xpresslane, the cart abandonment rate went down by 40%.

Reduce cart abandonment

3. Increase ROAS

Once we optimized those two major issues and then increased the number of qualified traffic sessions, we focused on increasing their ROAS.

Even though Nutrabites already had competitive pricing for their product, their average order value was below average. In order to increase that, we promoted their highest-priced product(1kg variant) more than their other products by offering free shipping for orders with a minimum of 1kg.

Additionally, we came up with seasonal offers, and it was a hit. This simultaneously reduced the acquisition cost and Average Order Value that resulted in a whopping 11% spike in their Average order value over the period of just 1 month. 

Increase ROAS

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