How we increased ROAS by 11x for a linen brand? Feat. Airwill


Airwill is a D2C linen brand that sells linen products online for all home needs with massive discounts and at affordable price. When we take the accountability, the online store sales, their own sales channel was considerably low and the online store needs CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization) as well. 

The tricky thing is there was no sales data or data about their audience to use for further Ad Campaigns and eventually to scale up the sales.

Value Proposition

They manufacture linen products with a fabric that is less-shrinkage, anti-microbial, and low-colour fading. With all these, they have placed their products in the affordable range rather than focusing only on the premium segment.


  1. To optimise Website
  2. To improve Sales Conversion Rates
  3. To increase ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)

Actions Taken

1. Optimize Website(using CRO techniques)

Optimize Website (CRO)

We initially gone through the Ecommerce website throughly to check if the online store is giving the seamless and CROed experience to its users or customers. There we found out that their shipping cost was too high for a brand that sells affordable products. We suggested client to reduce the charges and it is sorted. 

The shipping price was shown right in the cart page itself. We suggested to move the shipping charge all the way to the payment page. So, that the customers won’t be nudged with the charges apart from the products’.   

We also found that the website was performing a little slower than average and we made essential technical SEO to make the website perform faster. Only these CRO efforts gave more than twice the conversions from website traffic.

2. Increase Sales Conversion Rate

Increase Sales Conversion Rate

Since the client had no data from their previous campaigns, without a choice we had to obtain data from scratch. To do so, we initiated test campaign in Facebook for a month from Oct to Nov 2022 to analyse the buyer’s pattern and identify fast moving products. 

From the test campaign, we categorised their products based on the sales.

  1. Top selling
  2. Other selling 

To know which type of Ad perform well for this niche, we then initiated 2 different campaigns for top selling and other selling through dynamic prospecting campaigns. With that, we understood that collection ads perform well in general regardless of the category of the product. 

With all the analysis of the buyer pattern, the campaign resulted in whopping 2.5x conversions spike.

3. Increase ROAS

Increase ROAS

With the Top selling product campaign performing well, the campaign optimized very well. To segment their audience to target them effectively in future, we created traditional prospecting campaigns based on interest-based audience and Custom audience. Out of these two, interest-based audience is the one that reacted better. 

Additionally, we started with Google shopping as well and it performed well by giving more conversions. As a result of all these efforts the brand got awareness on its own. So, the number of people searched for the brand name – “Airwill” for increased by 129% 

So, we initiated a search campaign using brand name as keyword to show case the offer along with the website. This way, the user is already searching for the brand and we show them the offer that increased conversion overall. 

We then set up Retargeting campaigns for the ones who visited the website based on top selling and other selling campaign results in Facebook. The Advantage campaign (the performax campaign of facebook) optimized based on its perfromance. It pushed the ROAS to massive 11x ROAS from normal.

Are you now dreaming about your business achieving all this? We’re always here to help you achieve that. Let’s talk business and make your dream come true, together.

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