How we increased repeat orders by 7x through WhatsApp Marketing? Feat. The Putchi

Putchi is a sustainable maternity clothing omnichannel(servicing through online and offline store) brand that aims to leave minimal carbon footprint with its products. They have intimate wears made of bamboo and clothes with earthy themed designs. They have a reputation in many countries.


They have a reputation in more than 2 countries. But still, there was

  1. Only a minimal number of repeat orders,
  2. The AOV(Average Order Value) was considerably low and
  3. The CAC(Customer Acquisition Cost) was more than optimal amount.


As they lacked repeat orders, we started from there by implementing WhatsApp marketing. Since they already have one-time customers, we got their customers’ WhatsApp number in hand. With that, unlike broadcasting the same messages to all their customers, we approached this the analytical way as they have women products and also maternal products.

Creatives 01

Based on the behaviour of the customers, we segmented customers through various advanced data analytic techniques with the help of ur expert analysts. This increased the number of repeat orders by 7x with AOV increased by 3x times.

Creatives 02

Impressed with the results, the client agreed to implement WhatsApp commerce where we develop personalized conversational Ecommerce store that would give a whole new experience which also increases the customers’ trust for the brand. With the increased trust and already existing brand awareness, we got the CAC under control by reducing it by 15%.

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