How we increased orders by 7x through WhatsApp Marketing?
Feat. Meatton

Meatton is an omnichannel meat delivery startup(servicing both online & offline). They specialized in fresh meats and particularly sea foods at affordable prices. Unlike most of its competitors, they focused mainly on fresh seafood and they made it possible with their effective logistics operations.


Meatton is a new brand it required more traffic to push the business further. Due to no repeat orders, the CAC(Customer Acquisition Cost) was high and the ROI is not meeting the client’s expectation.


They came up with exciting offers for this Diwali season. But, it required more than usual traffic to make the season sale a hit. 

In this scenario, we decided to use WhatsApp marketing since they already had a fair amount of customers and most of the customers abandoned the brand because of no retention methods in place.  

However, using broadcast messages we can only reach the existing customers.So, we changed their offer into a pre-booking offer. Also, to bring in more traffic, we created a customized shopping flow exclusively for the brand and promoted the offers through performance marketing and encouraged client to take traditional marketing measures(flyers, banners & pamphlets) as well. 

We then decided to stimulate curiosity in the prospects’ minds. So, we made a wait-list campaign to get the pre-book offer. We made this whole offer WhatsApp-Exclusive. Even if the customers get to know about this offer through traditional marketing measures, they’ll have to sign-up for the pre-booking through respective links.

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Designing a whole customized automated shopping experience combined with a tweak in their offers, it resulted in 7x times more orders compared to average till the previous month. 10x more enquiries than usual. 

Now, the hidden advantage is since we got the contact number of the prospects who willingly enquired, we can now particularly retarget them through WhatsApp broadcast messages. 

All this sound exciting to you? We can make your business do all these kinds of wonders. Our expert analysts and marketers are ready to engage! 

Let’s connect and discuss how we make your business grow efficiently.

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