Grow your D2C brand using WhatsApp: Find how

D2C brand using WhatsApp

WhatsApp came into our lives as a simple messaging tool to talk to our friends and family. Now, you’ll find businesses like convenience stores to D2C brands using WhatsApp.

This started in 2018 when WhatsApp Business was launched. Since then, 84% of D2C eCommerce businesses flocked to the messaging channel to follow a direct-to-consumer sales strategy.

With unprecedented success, WhatsApp has developed the platform to support AI chatbots and customized automated messages.  Ever since the introduction of the Business API, WhatsApp marketing is taking the D2C eCommerce industry by storm.

Why do D2C brands using WhatsApp stand out?

After the pandemic, convenience has taken the upper hand. 83% of customers prioritize convenience when shopping.

Moreover, with the increasing number of D2C players, personalization has become crucial. Every buyer is attracted to the personalized experience during shopping. Consumers have developed high expectations while the number of covid cases is getting high.

WhatsApp Business capitalized on the opportunity and provides just that. It helps your business stand out and hone your direct-to-consumer sales strategy. This highly functional platform has simplified D2C marketing significantly for most brands.

It has come to the point that every D2C brand needs its presence on WhatsApp to provide a seamless shopping experience. Your consumers are already on the platform, it only makes sense that you head to where they are.

Besides simplification, WhatsApp for eCommerce benefits your D2C brand in 4 interesting ways.

1. Promotes Upselling and cross-selling

1. Promotes Upselling and cross selling 1

Access to your customers’ personal chatbox, aids customer retention and tends to build long-lasting relationships. Here’s how.

You can understand your customer’s expectation from their buying pattern and recommend products right in their WhatsApp. See how exciting it is to read! Inducing personal touch, and WhatsApp’s familiar interface makes it convenient for customers to feel comfortable and of course but more with your recommendations.

Through a programmed WhatsApp chatbot, you can recreate the sales person and customer relationship virtually. This makes more revenue and builds a strong rapport with your customers that is needed in the long run.

2. Reusing customer details

2. Reusing customer details 1

WhatsApp practically gives you permanent access to your customer data and insights. That is, you can use the information on your prospect to make further sales and personalized nudges.

Once you acquire a lead, you will have their information to form a bond later on. Since people won’t change their WhatsApp number often, even if they do not convert the first time, this way you can reach out to them again. But, with a stronger foot.

The platform is well-equipped to form an extraordinary pre and post sale process to give a personalized experience to your customers.

3. Builds long-term customers

3. Builds long term customers

The WhatsApp AI chatbot is your 24-hour salesman. Customers love to feel heard and adhered to, and your D2C brand does just that under WhatsApp’s shadow.

Upselling and cross-selling come with ease, once you have established a sales process. Goal-focused message templates and automated promotional messages, and you’ve got yourself a new sale.

The information stored about your customers, their preferences, and items in their cart, is an open catalog to re-target your consumers. Subtle reminders, soft nudges, and occasional check-ins make sure that your customers are being notified about your brand.

To top it off, direct 2-way communication establishes a personal relationship with your prospects. The mixture of these factors strengthens your sales pipeline and garners long-term loyal customers to your D2C brand.

4. Provides Extraordinary customer service

4. Provides Extraordinary customer service

Around 78% of consumers admit to backing out of purchase due to a late response by the company.

However, with your WhatsApp approach in place, you can ensure an incredible shopping experience for your consumers. Most of your customer queries can be handled by the programmable integrated AI chatbot.

Customer engagement and post-sale processes and services are made abundantly simple with the WhatsApp Business API.

Your customers will remember your brand not just for your products, but for your exceptional customer service as well. Live chatbots, personalized reminders, and active resolutions add to your brand image and development in the long run.

All in all, the WhatsApp Business API is a proven way to give your business unparalleled D2C marketing.

When partnered with the right agency that thinks like you about your D2C brand, every goal will be reachable. Click here to talk to our experts who resonate with how you’re feeling about your D2C brand and to improve it.

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