How we achieved 66x ROAS for a New Zealand based Ecommerce

Our client is an Ecommerce based out in New Zealand that sells both new and pre-owned gadgets and toys. Because of New Zealanders’ thrifty mindset, Our client sells used products along with new products. However, they primarily focus on gadgets, particularly gaming consoles and mobiles.

Since they started as a seller in a New Zealand auction and the classified site named TradeMe, they had an idea about running an Ecommerce. Let’s dig deeper of how we achieved 66x ROAS of this Ecommerce.

Value Proposition

To ship new and used gadgets around the world at an affordable price.


  1. To increase qualified traffic sessions to the website through promotions.
  2. To increase the conversion rate.
  3. To increase overall ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

KPIs(Key Performance Indicators)

  • Ad expense
  • Engagement Rate
  • Traffic session
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue
  • AOV(Average Order Value)
  • ROAS

Actions Taken

1. Traffic

We analyzed that Google Searches works better than any other channel since our client sells products that are already popular enough. Hence, we decided to focus on the BoFu (Bottom of the Funnel) customers through Google Ads targeting those who directly search for the product(s).

Increase website traffic

In addition, we optimized the technical SEO of the website by removing the negative keywords from the website and optimizing its page title and product title to rank better in SERPs. When combined with Google shopping performance ads focusing on BoFu keywords, it resulted in a spike in traffic sessions by 16% and increased “Add to Carts” by 4x.

2. Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is one of the most important KPIs for Ecommerce, and our client’s conversion rate needed to perform better than usual.

When analyzed, we identified that the conversion rate drops in the middle of the month that remains unchanged till the end of the month. This is because the average working person would spend only when he has more money which is mostly at the beginning of the month.

To eliminate this situation, we enabled customers to buy throughout the month by implementing BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) feature.

We then further increased the conversion rate by retargeting ads.

We started with segmenting the website visitors based on the following behaviour metrics:
1. Engagement rate
2. Product page visit
3. Checkout visit

With the segmented customer data, we pushed retargeting ads that remind customers about their abandoned carts, changed product prices, and promoted the BNPL feature.

Increase website performance

All these measures increased the conversion rate by around 1% where the overall conversion rate spiked to 1.81%


ROAS(Return On Advertising Spend) is the only metric every business owner needs to understand from their marketing measures. To increase this, we need to increase the average order value of the orders.

We increased the order values by promoting products that are of high prices. As we have already optimized the website traffic and conversion rate, only filtered qualified customers will see the ads that we promote, and that leads to the increase in ROAS by 66x.

Increasing ROAS

This resulted in an increased average order value by a whopping 70x with the Average Order Value at $680.

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How did we enhance client inflow to 300%? Feat. Evolutions Fitness Club

The Overview

We all have a craze for certain brands because of the value that the brand would provide to its users or the brand itself being a social status symbol. But, to achieve this state, the brand needs to be positioned that explains itself how the consumers have to perceive it.

To do so, awareness about the brand is much needed and this could be done through providing values in appropriate channels. It would organically (doesn’t have to spend budget directly on it) make the brand more authentic – making itself a thought leader in its industry.

Let’s see how we made the brand out of the gym and how it helped them in boosting their client inflow to 300%

What were they?

Evolutions Fitness Club is a reputed gym with more than 7 years of experience as of 2019. They were handling their clients like how usual gyms would do. But, they had the thought of expanding their reach and increasing the client in-flow and making their brand more recognizable.

By the time they joined us for their better future, Evolutions Fitness Club had their exclusive logo. But, it wasn’t utilized properly to its full extent to stand out not just as a gym but also as a brand.

We started right there..

Create their own brand identity by fixing the color schemes that would resonate with the brand’s voice (Yellow and Black in this case) and making sure it has been used the right way in all of their marketing collaterals.

After research, we deduced the channels where their niche will be available and made a copy of the complete brand there.

1. Created every post adhering to their brand voice.

2. Prepared a compelling content calendar that promotes engagement and

3. Shared helpful information catered exclusively for their niche.

It helped a lot to create a perception of how the audience would perceive the brand.

Like we strategized, we nurtured their niche by sharing helpful and thoughtful content through online channels that triggered word of mouth. It made the offline client in-flow increase gradually, converting the Online niche to Offline.

Evolutions lacked an appealing website to show their brand’s presence online. However, they had a google business site that contained basic information to contact them. But that wasn’t enough for a groundbreaking ROI.

So to up-shift the situation, we created an exclusive website for them that explains the services they provide while following their brand guidelines. That ensured their brand’s presence online, making the brand more authentic to their niche.

Then came the month of October – the starting of the fitness industry’s peak season that eventually fades away by February by having January as the peak maximum. All the nurturing niche with knowledge and sharing engaging social media posts have started to show their worth. Combining their anniversary celebration offers with the marketing efforts, the sale made a maximum impact like never before, spiked to whopping 560% more conversions when compared to the previous year.Stay Tuned for the whole study!