7 effective ways to acquire the first 100 customers for your D2C brand

For every budding D2C brand, achieving their first 100 customers on board is certainly a significant milestone. Right from scaling your success rate to determining the mindset of your customers, the first 100 customers is a game-changer for D2C brands.

Starting small matters a lot here. Because it’s better to make slow and steady progress rather than make a huge blunder that costs 2 equally important things for a business – money and time.

Read this blog till the end to know the 7 excellent ways in which you can get the first 100 customers for your D2C brand (ranked from FREE to paid).

1. Start with the existing network

01.Start with the existing network

Talk about your business with your family, friends, and even friends of friends. Share your ideas and plans, and get their “honest” feedback. Since they are closed ones, they might fake feedback and say it is nice.

But, demand honest feedback from them to improve your product. And finally do not hesitate to ask them to support you.

Your contact is your wealth at this time, literally. You can get their feedback on the ergonomics, experience, and if applicable quality of your product(s). Mass manufacturers get their products tested with their paid subjects. As a D2C business, you got your circle to do that for free. So, why not?

2. Have a firm grip over the social media market

02. Have a firm grip over the social media market

Being a D2C brand, the first places that you should try to conquer are the social media platforms. Especially when it comes to D2C marketing, social media is the most powerful platform that gives your products and services global exposure, particularly to your targeted niche.

Moreover, 90%  of the people purchase products from the brands they follow on social media, making social media marketing a crucial part of the D2C marketing strategy.

3. Create blog posts

03. Create blog posts

For every D2C brand, building trust, bringing authenticity, and providing thought leadership are the keys to survival and these can be achieved in only a few ways and blogging remains at the top.

84% of online customers tend to buy from what they read in the blog. So, start blogging from your early stages to appear as an authentic brand to your audience bringing sales as it builds trust among your prospects which could transform prospects into customers even in the long run.

To start with, research about the trending searches on your niche and make content around it.

4. Start selling on marketplaces

04.Start selling on marketplaces

Marketplaces like Amazon, flipkart, meesho have the potential to make your product reach all over the country. But, it comes at the cost of marketing and selling commission from the marketplaces. But once your customer finds your product resonating with their needs, then they won’t leave your product alone.

However, as a fresh brand needs its products to be validated by the customers, it could be a good start to start from marketplaces to reach potential customers without a big expense.

5. Make WhatsApp work for your D2C brand

05.WhatsApp work for your D2C brand

When you want to get on trend while giving your customers an interesting shopping experience, WhatsApp bot could come in handy. It’s not just a bot with a couple of pre-programmed replies, WhatsApp has incorporated advanced UI and features that helps retailers to sell their products online.

It just doesn’t stop there. It also has introduced its payment platform that makes it a complete package for not only D2C but for any retailer who wants to sell through WhatsApp. Even a person can take over the chat from bot if necessary. This reduces the time take for a conversion.

6. Start collaborating with influencers

06.Start collaborating with influencers

In this era of reels and shorts, social media influencers occupy the major attention of society. They are seen and trusted by a huge population(their follower base). Making advertising your products through them is a wise decision.

Working with influencers that attract your specific niche makes your D2C marketing easier, allowing your products to reach more number of the right sets of audiences in a really short time.

7. Try performance marketing (at last)

07.performance marketing

Advertising can be done to achieve different goals. But, advertising your products could potentially amplify the brand awareness of your D2C brand and helps you reach the targeted audience and become the brand they look up to.

With the best modes of advertising, you can successfully get your first 100 customers in no time. But, you might not be able to understand who your actual customers are and take this step only if you don’t get enough customers through the steps mentioned earlier.


You can get everything done all by yourself to gain your first 100 customers. But when it comes to D2C marketing, leave it to the experts. Because inefficient effort in marketing wouldn’t just cost your time but your funds as well.

Once you get your first 100 customers, choosing a genuine & efficient marketing agency comes next to get your first 1000 customers. Therefore, it is highly essential to select the best when it comes to the success of your business.

If you want to learn more from our experts, we’re just a call away. Click here to contact us.

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