4 Major Tweaks for Skyrocketing Admissions of Pre-Schools

sky rocketing admission of pre school

Like the rest of the world, the childcare industry has changed a lot (or should we say “evolved”?) because of the pandemic that we’ve all gone through.

 But it doesn’t change the fact that 17% of parents delaying their kid’s schooling only in the U.S. If that’s the case with the parents in the U.S., think of our country’s parents’ mentality. Starting from this, think about the solutions that you could provide through your pre-school.

 Not to forget that the rising millennial parents are high on tech and this is one of the major reasons not to skip this blog as it includes how you could introduce tech in your pre-school’s process.

1. Find who is your audience

find audience

Before you jump into making changes in your pre-school’s process or marketing, get to know who your audience is, and how they would think. The following are the questions that lie in almost every millennial parent.

 Is the pre-school available online?

In 2020, a whopping percentage of 97% of users searched online to find a local business before they visit a business in person, and pre-school is where most of the parents’ concerns lay. So, establish your online presence as proof to gain parents’ trust.

 Is your school safe for their children?

Yeah, this is a way too familiar condition to be checked for a “pre-school” but this is high time and you’ll need to take care of the minute details in this post-pandemic time.

 But if you could assure safety to them through tech like a video explaining the safety features you have, there is a huge chance for them to find yours comforting than the rest.

2. Be as transparent as possible

transparent as possible

Being in the technology era, make your pre-school as visible as possible through tech. At this particular time (where the pandemic is still partially applied), where parents won’t be able to visit the school’s premises right away, take on a different approach.

 Help the parents with a virtual tour of your pre-school to get to know more about your school and you’re giving them access without having them leaving their house which makes the parents more potential clients.

 Conduct a free common webinar for parents. For example, on the topic “how to keep your kids engaged productively” and promote on social media. This way, you’re getting the attention of the parents and also creating awareness of your school. Here you are watering two plants with one hose.

3. Embrace the tech, to do the trick

embarance to tech trick

Create new processes or refine your existing process that ensures the parents are getting included as much as possible with their children’s activity. For example, share a timeline picture of their kids like once every 3 hours.

 This makes the parents feel like they are much closer to their kids despite the physical distance. Also,  80% of parents agreed that they will switch to a different pre-school/Daycare if they don’t get the pictures of their kids. So, better have it.

 Think of an innovative solution to make the parents feel closer to their children and make your pre-school popular in more than just your geographical location.

4. Stand high in online communities

stay highcommunity guide

Give back to local communities as that would help the needy and would create awareness among the locals through the process which is crucial for pre-schools as “word of mouth” has its power of making the magic (popularity) happen.

 44% of the millennials have been volunteers of a community and this gives a high probability of grabbing their attention when you’re doing good for communities since they would like to give back too.

 Just like every organization, planning and coordination play an important role in schools. Manage your marketing and the internal efforts to be streamlined for a better outcome.

 So, keep your team connected and you wouldn’t happen to miss any small thing just because of coordination.

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  1. I suppose if I had to pick a perfect article, it would be yours. I know no article is perfect, but yours is as close as it gets. Good job. After reading this article i get to know more about importance of pre school.

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